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Bending Matrix Lower Tool

Lower tools in other language Bending Die the base for having the bend supported while the punch is performing the bend, in Amada™ Machine this part is the component that has the movement while the bending operation is being done. V Block or the Bending Mold has multi V grooves based on the desired bend openings it can be used from 4 different sides and with its different grooves. A matrix 4 way bending die is a tool used in sheet metal fabrication to bend metal into a specific shape or form. It consists of a die with four sides, each with a different curvature. This allows the die to bend the metal in four different directions, allowing for more complex shapes to be created. The matrix 4 way bending die is often used in the production of automotive and aerospace parts, as well as in the construction industry for creating structural components. It can be used with a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and brass, and is typically operated with a press brake or other mechanical forming equipment. To use a matrix 4 way bending die, the metal sheet is placed into the die and clamped in place. The press brake or forming equipment is then used to apply pressure to the metal, causing it to bend and take on the shape of the die. The operator can adjust the amount of pressure applied and the speed at which the bending occurs to achieve the desired results. Overall, the matrix 4 way bending die is a valuable tool in the sheet metal fabrication industry, allowing for the production of complex and precise shapes with a high level of efficiency. It is a key component in the manufacturing process of a wide range of products and plays a vital role in many industries.